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Facebook Live Q&A with Aston & Jillian

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Facebook Live Q&A with Aston & Jillian

Upcoming: Two Facebook Live Broadcasts

Friday, March 8th @ 12pm

Q&A with Aston & Jillian Live on Facebook! Join us and ask anything about your health goals, our company, and our products. This segment is ideal for current clients that want to deepen their understanding of their health conditions and how NuSpecies is supporting their body. If you're on a NuSpecies regimen and you have questions about using the formulas, the formulas themselves or anything else related to your rebuilding journey.

Sunday, March 10th @ 2pm

Are you trying to refer your family & friends to NuSpecies, but don’t know how to explain what we do? Let Aston & Jillian do it for you!

Aston & Jillian will be Live on Facebook to talk to your family and friends about how NuSpecies can help them.

Aston will be taking appointments in Montego Bay, Jamaica from Friday, March 22nd to Tuesday, March 26th from 12 pm -5 pm. To make an appointment call 1-845-440-7458.

Tell your family and friends in Jamaica to join them on Facebook Live this Sunday to learn about NuSpecies and decide if they want to book an appointment.

This segment is also ideal if you're completely new to NuSpecies and what we do. After many years of guiding our clients from sickness to health, we know how overwhelming it can be. If you’re new to a natural lifestyle, you’re likely overwhelmed by all the options you’ve found. How do you know they’ll work? What if you waste your money? How do you know they’re safe? Perhaps you’re not new to holistic healing, but you’ve tried many remedies and treatments that haven’t worked. You’re skeptical and don’t want to lose any more time and money. Aston Farquharson, NuSpecies’ Founder and Jillian Pelliccio, Executive Vice President, will personally answer all of your questions. By the end of this video, we hope you'll want to book your first free appointment with one of NuSpecies Naturopathic Doctors.

Get Notified When NuSpecies is Live

1) Download the NuSpecies' App and "Allow Notifications". We will notify you before we go live.

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