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NuSpecies' Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Posted by Olivia Pelliccio on
NuSpecies' Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Let Us Help You Give the Gift of Health

Bee Pollen Extract 1

From those loved ones that suffer from digestion discomfort to those that would like a plant-based source of protein, Bee Pollen serves a wide range of health supporting purposes.

Original Bee Pollen 1 - $24.99

This formula serves as a great start for your loved one to try out. If they like it and want to upgrade, they can get the Bee Pollen 9 for even more power.

Purchase Bee Pollen

Cleanse & Detoxify Powder
Intestines & Colon

A gentle but powerful scrub for your intestines and colon, this detoxifying powder will stick to the walls of your intestinal tract. As you drink water throughout the day and foster movement in your intestines, this powder will pull off the fecal matter that is stuck to your intestinal walls and push it out of your system.

The best part - no diarrhea*. Expect more frequent, larger and softer bowel movements.

2 oz Size - $39.99 Lasts 2-4 Weeks

  • Safe for daily use.
  • Great as part of a weight loss program.
  • Essential if you eat a diet high in meat, bread, dairy, and processed food.
  • Supports excellent gut health.

*Everyone's body and diet is different, so some may experience diarrhea at first and then it should stop. If you drink a lot of coffee or have a high fiber diet, you may also be likely to experience very loose stool. You may have to adjust your dose. Just give us a call and we'll guide you.

Purchase This Gift


MSM is a great gift for those suffering from pain due to inflammation or joint damage. Excellent in combination with the Calcium Complex.

If your loved one has arthritis or has injured him/herself, get him/her the total support provided by the Joint Health Package.

$39.99 - 1 month supply

Purchase MSM

Gift Cards!

Most likely, your loved one will need a free appointment with NuSpecies' Naturopathic Doctor to find out which NuSpecies' formulas are best for his/her needs.

To get the most out of your money, purchase a gift card. Then they can apply it to a product of their choice.

Purchase a Gift Card

Energy Formula

For those in your life that live on energy drinks, this is a health promoting alternative. Made from whole food herbal extracts that are raw and organic, your loved one will get an energy boost and will be promoting their health at the same time!

$5.99 - 1-2 servings

Purchase This Gift

Lymph Nodes are the fortresses around our body that filter foreign matter from our blood (microbes, toxins, etc.) and dispatch white blood cells to fight off any matter that may harm our body. Your lymphatic system drains and the body excretes the harmful material, but sometimes your lymphatic system needs some support to function optimally. NuSpecies' Lymph Node Detoxifier does just that.

$24.99 - Purchase Lymph Node Detoxifier

NuSpecies' Blood Detoxifier supports your body in cleaning the blood of harmful material. These herbs are especially helpful when it comes to heavy metals in your blood.

$24.99 - Purchase Blood Detoxifier

Calcium Complex - Vegan

NuSpecies’ Liquid Calcium Complex comes from algae! A safe and effective plant-based source of calcium. Will be greatly appreciated by those discerning health enthusiasts in your life.

$39.99 - 1 month supply

Purchase Calcium Complex

Mineral Complex

Many mineral supplements are either completely synthetic or created from mined rocks. Neither source promotes health. If you have a loved one who's popping numerous tablets of minerals from these sources, she could be harming her health.

NuSpecies' Liquid Mineral Complex comes from a completely natural source that's biologically appropriate for human supplementation.

Do her a favor and introduce her to liquid minerals.

Purchase Mineral Complex

Vitamin B-Complex & Vitamin C

You know that family member who has the cabinet (hopefully just one) full of bottles and tablets of every vitamin and mineral? NuSpecies can help with whole B-Vitamin Complex and Vitamin C in liquid form from natural whole food sources! Time to empty that cabinet and replace it with just one bottle.

$49.50 - 3 month supply

Purchase Vitamin B-Complex

  • Queen Nanny is a potent dose of whole food herbal extracts focused on supporting women's health. It can be taken once a week or every day for concentrated periods of time.
  • .5 oz Shooter - $14.99

Purchase Queen Nanny

  • Big Bwoy is a potent dose of whole food herbal extracts focused on supporting men's health. It can be taken once a week or everyday for concentrated periods of time.
  • .5 oz Shooter - $14.99

Purchase Big Bwoy

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be used internally and externally. Many know that Vitamin E is good to help reduce scarring from broken skin. It's best used on the wound before it heals to minimize the resulting scarring.

When used internally Vitamin E supports your body in many ways.

$53.99 - Depending on how it's used, it will last a very long time.

Purchase Vitamin E

Vitamin D & A - Wild Caught Cod Liver Oil

A rare whole food source of Vitamin D&A for safe and effective supplementation. It's also a pure, natural and high quality source of whole food cod liver oil, which is also hard to find.

$39.99 - 1 month supply

Purchase Vitamin D&A

  • For maintenance of men's health, this formula is taken everyday.
  • $24.99 1 month supply

Purchase the Men's Formula

  • For regular maintenance of women's health, this formula is taken everyday.
  • $24.99 1 month supply

Purchase the Women's Formula

To promote balanced gut flora and optimal digestive and immune function, taking a probiotic daily helps to reduce the stressors of a modern processed food diet on your body by constantly replenishing the healthy bacteria that your body depends on.

$39.99 - 1-3 Month Supply

Purchase NuSpecies' Probiotic

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