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Finished Your Package? Here's What You Should Do.

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Get NuSpecified Within Budget

Did you get started with NuSpecies with the goal of rebuilding your health? You probably had a free consultation, got your custom recommendation and for the past few months, you've either purchased your whole rebuilding package or parts of it whenever you could.

Now it's time to replenish again because you want to keep your body supported by liquid, organic nutrition every day, but something is different. You may be experiencing one of the following scenarios:
  1. You've reached your health goals! YAY! You don't need your rebuilding package anymore, so you should just go to your local vitamin store and get regular vitamins, right? WRONG!
  2. Your usual package isn't in the budget right now. You assume you should just go buy the cheap stuff at the pharmacy until you can afford NuSpecies again, right? WRONG!
  3. Your medication has always worked, so it can't hurt to take a break from NuSpecies for a while, right? WRONG!

NuSpecies has plenty of affordable options for maintaining your health, including our Starter Packages that you may not know about.

NuSpecies also makes vitamins and minerals!

What's the difference? NuSpecies' vitamins and minerals are LIQUID and are either made from whole food ingredients or our vitamins were extracted from a whole food source, not made in a lab.

You don't need a consultation to get started with these recommendations.

Getting started is as simple as determining what's in your budget.

Of course, if you'd like any assistance, call our client services team at 1-845-440-7458.

View Aston's Starter's on our website here.

View Affordable Vitamins & Minerals on our website here.

Most of our vitamins & minerals last 3 months!

Don't settle for lower quality supplements. You've already invested in your health with your NuSpecies custom program and you deserve to maintain your health with the same high quality daily supplements from NuSpecies.

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  • Troy Clarke on

    You gays have no discount on your packages in time like this I don’t want to go to the competitor but you are pushing me to them.

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