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Lessons Learned from NuSpecies' Men

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Lessons Learned from NuSpecies' Men
Prostate Cancer is the #1 Killer of Men of African Ancestry Outside of Africa As you may have heard in various news reports on the state of human health, cancer cases and other diseases are on the rise. Humans are also developing new diseases at higher rates. There is no clear evidence as to why this is happening. What’s causing the human body to decay in this particular way and why this is happening to even the youngest of us is a mystery. Why are so many parents and grandparents outliving their children and grandchildren? And most importantly, what are humanity’s options to live better and longer? NuSpecies believes the body was always capable of maintaining, improving and rebuilding health. In cases of diseases or any health issues, you have to rebuild your body in order for the body to rid itself of decay and diseases. NuSpecies’ mission is to protect human health and human habitat. It starts with you. So let’s honor men by learning generally about what leads to the most common men’s health issues and what to be done about them. Stage 1: Root Causes It starts with damage to the immune & endocrine systems (hormones). Prostate cancer is a matter of dysfunctional male hormones. The root causes of men’s diseases and cancers:
  • Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Hormonal issues relating to Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone and Estrogen
  • Medications can cause chemical toxins to lead to hormone issues.
Triggers of men’s diseases and cancers:
  • Lifestyle including nutritionally deficient diet, stressful work and home life, exposure to chemicals in cleaning products, skin care products
  • Exposure to germs, bacteria, viruses; unmanaged inflammation;
  • Numerous unmanaged viral or bacterial infections.
  • Because we’re our environment, no one can escape the toxicity we create in our universe.
These environmental toxins and oxidative stress that develops in our bodies cause changes in our biochemistry leading to these malfunctioning hormones. Hormones that malfunction lead to additional toxic, inflammatory conditions and infections in our organs and glands. Stage 2: The Erosion of Your Health Heads up: We get technical here with the science stuff. We feel it’s necessary to explain some of the science behind what we’re saying. If you find it daunting to read, just skip down to “Stage 3”. Hormonal issues are damaged cells and tissues, with corresponding damage to DNA genes. When genes create weak proteins or amino acids, disease is inevitable. The diseases take numerous forms such as sickly growths like tumors, cysts, lumps, boils, and lesions. These are infections and inflammation that drain the body of oxygen and lead to diseases like prostate cancer. Throughout our lives, men produce both testosterone and some estrogen. As we age, our bodies make less testosterone. If the proportion of estrogen exceeds testosterone, hormonal imbalance and glandular issues develop. This can be a factor in the development of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate or abnormal cell growth like cancer. Estrogen generally causes cell growth. Abnormal cells are what grow into cancers and the spread of these cancers. But this is also true of other diseases. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone our bodies produce from testosterone in the prostate using enzymes such as alpha reductase. These enzymes regulate androgen receptor metabolism and promote excess steroids avoidance. The essential purpose here is to regulate prostate health. Like estrogen, DHT also affects cell growth and can increase abnormal cell growth in the case of sick cells. As men age, our bodies make less DHT but a large number of older men still produce high DHT in the prostate that stimulates abnormal cell growth. Our bodies do have DNA genes that also regulate cell growth. Cancers will nonetheless occur when these genes are unable to regulate sick cells and so when genetic mutations build up in these critical genes, they can lead to malignancy. A few genes control (1) cell growth, (2) cell division, and (3) repair of damaged DNA. These changes allow sick cells to grow and divide uncontrollably to form tumors and other abnormal tissue mass including cancer. Prostate Cancer seems to develop from abnormal or sickly cells when the proteins produced from the repair genes (possibly BRCA1 and BRCA2) do not function properly. Once mutated, these genes no longer assist in the stability of cells. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two examples of tumor suppressors that malfunction. Prostate Cancer also seems to proliferate or spread when another gene (HOXB13) mutations result in the uncontrolled cell growth and division. Stage 3: Chronic Symptoms and Disease An indication of prostate issues or prostate cancer: • Enlarged Prostate or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) • Testosterone imbalance • Dihydrotestosterone imbalance • Frequent Urination • Urgency to Urinate • Slow or Weak Urinary Flow • Prostatitis – inflammation or infection of the prostate • Erectile dysfunction or poor libido • PSA elevated over 1 Alarmed? Hopefully you are but not so much that you feel hopeless. What you’ve just read is likely the case for men who don’t make any lifestyle changes to improve their health and rely solely on medical intervention. No part of the human body is made of pharmaceutical medications, so no pharmaceutical medication or surgery can rebuild the physical tissues or damaged DNA and genes in your body. In fact, there are no miracles and there are no cures. There is only your body using the live nutrients in the natural world to rebuild, cleanse and heal itself. We aren’t saying there’s no place for medical intervention. In many cases, men are in life-threatening situations and need emergency medications and surgery to survive or manage their condition. What is inevitable? NuSpecies. You can choose another natural path, but of course we think very highly of the work we do and our nutritional formulas. Whether you choose medical intervention or not, if you want to give your body the power to rebuild and hopefully surpass your health challenge, you have to earn it. You cannot defy the laws of chemistry and physics, which govern all things in nature. If your biochemistry is decaying, you have to fix the problem. At some point, and ideally sooner than later, you’ll have to provide pure and potent nutrition to your body systems, so they have the tools and energy to help you rebuild and cleanse. You’ll have to empower your body to cleanse out the toxins that are inhibiting important biochemical functions from healing damaged cells, tissues, DNA and genes. And you’ll have to empower your immune system and provide stability to your endocrine system (hormones). We’d like you to choose NuSpecies to guide you through the process. We’re excited to show you what your body can really do for you. The good news: You don’t have to give up your medical treatments or your doctors. We have medical practitioners in our health centers that will work with your current medical treatment plan to be sure your chosen health team can work together toward your full recovery. Book your free consultation now and decide whether you’re ready to maintain, improve or rebuild your health with NuSpecies.

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