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When Herbs Don't Work

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
When Herbs Don't Work

And what that’s telling you about your body systems

Most people who are interested in NuSpecies already know about using herbal extracts, plant extracts and whole foods to promote their health. They use herbs all the time—not just in their cooking, but also in teas, tonics, tinctures and salves. They feel comfortable soaking, crushing, juicing and infusing. These are smart and capable people. Although they’re using ancient practices, they’re ahead of their time, even in 2017. Now as more people are following their lead—learning to use this herb to alleviate a certain symptom, or that herb to promote a certain body system—there’s a rush to manufacture commercial products to fit their needs. There’s just one problem, not all herbs work for all people. To explain why, and how to pick the right herbal formulas for certain health goals, here’s what I’ve learned after 10 years in the field. Why do some people use herbs with great results, while others don’t? There are many factors that determine our overall health—environmental toxins, stress, the quality of our sleep and our food, our exercise habits, our water intake, our emotional stability and much more. People who use herbs for this symptom or that body system will see results depending on all the factors impacting their health. Just as not all medications help everyone’s symptoms all the time, not all herbs help everyone all the time. And then there’s the quality of the herb itself. Where and how was it grown and processed? Is it a liquid, capsule or tablet? Raw, crushed garlic is going to impact your body in a very different way than the powdered garlic you get in gelatin capsules. Organically grown garlic is going to be very different than conventionally grown garlic, or garlic that has travelled thousands of miles since it’s been harvested to get to your grocery store. How do those considerations play into NuSpecies formulations? When designing our LNu line of formulations, we choose a combination of herbs that yield a diversity of nutrients to comprehensively cover human needs, a combination that strengthens the body systems on a genetic level, where damage and disease first form. We then source only organic or wild-grown ingredients—as many in the U.S. as possible—and turn the plants into extracts, keeping their enzymes alive with vegetable glycerin. No boiling, no processing, no alcohol, no additives. Since we’ve taken the straightforward use of herbs up about 10 notches, we realize that someone just looking for their favorite herb or for a specific nutrient might not understand why a formula like LNu is necessary. And it isn’t necessary for everyone. That said, I think everyone would agree that what really matters is getting results and not wasting money. So how does someone determine what herbal product will achieve the desired health benefits? First we need to talk about what’s actually going on in the body. In our free consultations, we determine whether clients need to maintain, improve or rebuild. We consider their current health status, how urgently they want to see results, how significant they want those results to be, their general attitude toward using natural methods, and their budget. Obviously that picture is going to vary with each person. But some things never change. We’re all subject to the laws of chemistry and physics. Regardless of our preferences, our will and budget, our bodies still have to do the work to heal, and they need high-powered nutrients to perform all the biochemical processes of cleansing, nourishing and rebuilding damaged cells, tissues and organs. If your blood work shows that your body chemistry is stable and your body systems are strong, using NuSpecies’ raw, organic, liquid B-vitamins and minerals, or individual herbs like chamomile or saw palmetto, will most likely deliver the health benefits you want. But for people sick with heart disease, cancer, bacteria or viruses—we’ve worked with tens of thousands of them—individual herbs, even our high-quality ones, will provide temporary relief at best. When individual herbs don’t work, your body needs other nutrients. That’s why it’s crucial to use natural products that meet the highest standards of quality, purity and potency—so when you think, It’s not working, you can be confident that the problem is not with the herb. If individual herbs don’t work, what can you do? You address the source of the problem. Let’s look at the two main ways the body breaks down. With ischemia, free radicals cause a restriction to the blood supply to the cells, tissues and organs, leading to inflammation, infections and disease. Necrosis, on the other hand, is caused by external factors such as bacteria, virus, toxins or trauma. The end result, however, is the same. Even though free radicals are damaging to the body, the immune system often creates them to help fight viruses and bacteria. And if it’s strong enough, the immune system will also create certain enzymes to immediately dispose of the free radicals. When the immune system isn’t strong enough, which is the case with many people, these free radicals do not get disposed of, and what was meant to protect us has instead become oxidative stress, which damages our proteins, DNA and genes. This is where NuSpecies’ unusual herbal formulations start to make sense. They are designed to support the body’s immune system and biochemistry to stabilize or remove free radical chemicals and repair unstable cells or molecules, tissues or organs. A combination of NuSpecies formulas and lifestyle changes will empower the mass removal of toxic wastes and provide the nutrients and oxygen to support rebuilding. Healthy people who don’t need that kind of complex support can maintain their health with our individual liquid herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, which are raw, organic and alcohol-free. The bottom line is that you have more options than you probably realized. If a certain regimen or product doesn’t work, listen to your body. Do more research, get your blood tested, know how well your body is actually functioning. Then try something else—or give that effort a little more time. Remember, it took your whole life to develop the health issue you have; don’t expect your body to fix it overnight.

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