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NuSpecies has been granted another patent in Physics, for Aston Farquharson! 

Posted by Olivia Pelliccio on

The patent is for the machine called "NuPlanet" a renewable electricity generator. This generator is an actual machine made from metals and it's now generating large amounts of amps/watts and voltage.

NuPlanet is a “Self-Powered Machine” as stated in the attached patent. This means it generates electricity and then uses that electricity to power itself without fossil fuels or any chemicals. It produces no carbon emissions. It's neither wind nor solar. NuSpecies has separately been granted patents for an electricity generator that is powered by wind and an electricity generator that is powered by solar.

The current NuPlanet machine produces electricity that can power a home, motor vehicles and marine vehicles and can be scaled up to power any large building. The United States Patent & Trademark Office issuance of the attached patent makes the foregoing statements to be real.

For more information on NuPlanet, you can visit https://nuspeciesglobalmachines.com

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