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Pay It Forward

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Pay It Forward
If you’re familiar with NuSpecies’ Elmont health center and you park in the parking lot behind our building, then you’re familiar with the frustration of trying to exit onto the main road when you’re leaving. Last week when I was leaving, I drove to the Linden Blvd exit on the grocery store side of the building and braced myself for a long wait as the double lane traffic of impatient horn-beepers all squished each other up against the red light at the intersection with Elmont Rd. Normally, no matter how assertively I push out towards the lane making it clear that I’m dependent on their mercy, the people stare straight forward in their cars to avoid eye contact with me and speed up to make sure I can’t pull out in front of them. On this day, as soon as I pulled up to the exit of the parking lot and got ready for my wait, I scanned the cars lined up perpendicular to me, and to my surprise...I see a gentleman in his car, waving his hand for me to pull out as the rest of the cars began to advance. I was in shock. As I pulled out in front of him, my eyes lit up, a huge smile stretched across my face and I waved very enthusiastically to thank him for this miraculous gesture. That made my day. Now it’s your turn to make someone else’s day. Today’s challenge is to pay it forward and find an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness or consideration to a fellow human being. Heck, I’ll settle for a random act of kindness towards a non-human animal! Suggestions: Don’t step on that ant just because you can (she has a family too) or skip that burger at lunch and delay the unnecessary slaughter of another innocent life. Showing kindness to others, in most cases, feels really good. That good feeling is created by health promoting chemicals that flood your brain. Do it enough and it can have a significant impact on your well-being. And if paying it forward means skipping that burger at lunch, then you’ll also be improving your health. It’s a win-win! Please comment below and tell me about your favorite act of kindness that you’ve either given or received or tell me about how you paid it forward today and how did it make you feel? Want to get daily text reminders during our ReNu Challenges? Sign Up Want to join the ReNu Challenge Email List? Join Here What is the ReNu Challenge? Many of us spend years of our lives living with an all-or-nothing mentality, especially when it comes to taking care of our health and our bodies. We’re either eating the “perfect” diet, following our NuSpecies programs, and exercising every day OR we act destructively, eating anything that is in front of us, not taking our NuSpecies, and not exercising, all while feeling guilty, ashamed, unhappy and unfulfilled. NuSpecies ReNu Challenge is a monthly reminder from Jillian, NuSpecies Co-Founder, that everyday is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. Every meal is a new opportunity. Every interaction today is a new opportunity. Just because you ate a bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, doesn’t mean you can’t have a salad for lunch. Just because someone else isn’t being a decent human, doesn’t mean you should go down to their level. Life isn’t black and white and living on the all-or-nothing roller coaster isn’t sustainable. Each day during the week of NuSpecies’ ReNu Challenge, Jillian will challenge you to take one simple action that protects your health.

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